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This website is an accumulation of wisdom I've gathered while living this fascinating life.  It keeps me on track to reaching my most far-fetched dreams. Hopefully, it will inspire others to live a life of excellence, beyond the mediocre.

We Are Inventors of Our Own Reality

"I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success... such emotions make a man forget food, sleep, friends, love, everything." Nikola Tesla

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Hi, I'm Jason Vuu and I've always believed that I will live a fascinating life. Fueled by passion and led by my heart, I focus on evolving into the person capable of living my most farfetched dreams.  Additionally, I embrace entrepreneurship and philanthropy as my means of acquiring financial freedom and impacting humanity in great and positive ways.   

Currently, I live in Washington State and it appears as though it may be my final destination. Before I met my wife, I wandered from state to state chasing the ever-elusive Happiness. Fearing stagnation and mediocrity, I pushed the limits of my abilities, and reality, to gain the wisdom and skills necessary to reach the pinnacle of my existence. Of course, I'm not there yet and may never reach the peak, but it's a beautiful process that I've come to enjoy.

Naturally, I'm an observer. I prefer absorbing the world around me than to disrupt it. As a middle child of 6, I had little opinion and usually just went with the flow.
In my youth, this made life difficult. I mostly felt awkward and displaced and simply followed the crowd not knowing why or how. In essence, I was a coward. I'd often feel rebellious but succumbed to the comfort of obedience. I was compliant, and empty inside, because that's what was expected of me.

'Why?' and 'How?' The 2 questions I repeatedly asked yet were never satisfactorily answered by my parents, teachers, society, and religion. While some accept the first answer they hear, my curiosity often leads me down the rabbit hole.

My innate nature prefers the inconvenient Truth over a pleasant lie. Maybe it's my distaste for injustice or my peculiar need to make sense of our existence. I believe that everything one accepts as Truth becomes part of one's belief system, which in turns either liberates you with wisdom or shackles you with ignorance. So I do my due diligence to ensure I'm on the right track.

Now, life is great and moving towards greatness. I've weathered some devastating storms and endured overwhelming adversities which allowed me the experiences necessary to continually evolve into my ideal self.

Everyday, I live in amazement and it allows me to be grateful for what I have now and what I have experienced. I am amazed that I'm still alive with the perfect wife for me and 2 boys to help lift me to heights beyond my most far-fetched dreams.

If I am to become successful (and I sure intend to), it would be because of everyone who have made an impact in my life, even if just for a moment. I am the accumulation of all the wisdom others shared with me and to pay it forward, I intend to share the perspectives and philosophies which help me live in Happiness.
Of all the moments I've lived, right now would have to be my favorite. I'm quickly becoming the person capable of living my ultimate dreams and every day I see the pieces falling into place.

As a human, I hope to share with other humans insight on what I believe to be universal happiness and success.
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